Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hulk Hogan is lovin on Dana White

"MMA is spanking the WWE as far as the pay-per-view stuff. Dana White and the UFC has done an amazing job, and it's all about timing. The UFC was ready to close its doors, they were losing a ton of money, they were going under, they were getting ready to go out of business, and then they did a reality show called The Ultimate Fighter. They developed the characters; they made people care about the fighters; the people found out who the fighters were; they breathed life into the fighters. That's what I want to do with TNA. They've got the best talent in the world down there, but no one is breathing life into the characters. I have learned a ton of stuff from MMA, watching them. They remind me of TNA. Ton of talent, but no one has put that Frankenstein, shock the monster, breath some life into the characters. I learned a ton from MMA, and I get along great with Dana White -- he's awesome."

Dana White should be recognized even more for the business that he is. Somethings I think what he has done is under appreciated. MMA is going nowhere but up in the future!

Gilbert Yvel talks some shhhiiitttt

"This is like the highest point you can reach. It’s still a little bit difficult to believe, but I am in the UFC. What better way to prove myself than to knock out Dos Santos ... If I play my game and I be relaxed, and listen (to my corner) through the whole thing, I won’t, I hope there won’t be no problems because he is a good fighter, but his stand-up game is not in my league. For sure I’m going to knock him out. I do MMA to knock somebody out, because then you know you won. He’s on the ground. He’s sleeping, you’re standing, and it’s better than after two rounds the judge says to tell you who is better. If I knock him out then I did my job and nobody can say anything."

Should be a great fight. I dont think that Dos Santos is out of his league though, but I do think he is the underdog. Looks like we will have to wait and see this weekend if Yvel is back up the trash talking.

Dana's video blog Part 2

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Marcus Davis might be getting another chance!

Word on the street is that Marcus Davis and Phil Baroni will be meeting up at UFC 111 in Newark, New Jersey. Although this seems like a good fight on paper, I think that Marcus's skill are far better then loud mouth Baroni's. There is a lot more to his game then just his stand up. I guess I'll just be keeping my fingers cross that this match up happens.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cerrone knees in the nuts and takes home victory

Donald "cowboy" Cerrone man handled Ed Ratcliff last night in the WEC 45 main event. There only one problem though, Cerrone SMOKED Ratcliff in the nut sack 3 times with big knees. I mean I don't think he did it on purpose and I really do think that Cerrone would have beat him regardless, but that would be hard to fight after your nuts took that much of a beating. Toward the end of the fight Cerrone was toying with Ratcliff as if he was fighting an amature. He knew he had to knock him out or submit him because of the points Herb Dean took away for the nut shots and he still waited till the last few minutes to slap on a rear naked with ease. Cerrone has a real future in the WEC 155lbs class if he can stay away from every ones balls.

Friday, December 18, 2009

UFC 108 replacement had to get replaced

Looks like the plague of UFC 108 fighters getting injured isn't over yet. Sean Sherk had to bow out of the upcoming fight due to a Diego Sanchez size cut on his forehead. You know its bad when someone who came in to replace an injured fighter, has to pull out because of an injury. Duane Ludwig is stepping in in his place to fight Jim Miller. When will it end??

Sad news for the ring girls!!

Looks like we won't have much of a variety for eye candy anymore. Logan Stanton and Natasha Wicks have been fired as ring girls. How much could they possibly have been getting paid where it would matter to keep them on the pay role. I mean look at them, what good reason could Dana have to letting them go. They are only there for being nice to look at and I think they do a pretty good job at that. Oh well looks like we won't be seeing them anymore at any upcoming events.